Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Art of Pitching

1. What stands out as a key component or ingredient to successfully pitching via e-mail?

  • An intriguing subject line—get me to open your e-mail in the first place.
  • A catchy intro—immediately connect me with, especially if I don’t know you. Did you enjoy a recent article I wrote? Did we both grow up in NJ? Say so.

2. Beyond time frame, do you target print and online media differently, if so how?

Each publication, just like reporter, is different, so each pitch is different. Respect the medium.

3. What has been your experience with pitching journalists via social media?

Twitter, for one, has been a good vehicle through which to get someone’s contact info. I did this for a live chat on WashingtonPost.com for a client and for a guest post on Mashable for myself.

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