Thursday, July 19, 2012

Should This Go on a Resume?

1. Political or Religious Views

Unless you’re applying for a political or religious job, omit references to these subjects. While there’s not much you can do to hide the fact that you worked for the American Conservative Union, you need not cite your speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Better to say you spoke at a nationally renowned confab.

2. Internships and High School

Unless you’re early in your career, these references only underscore your inexperience. Even if it was prestigious — as it happens, I interned for the United Nations in high school and Time magazine in college — employers want to see what you’ve accomplished recently, not what you did a decade ago. If you must, find a way to mention the internship in your cover letter: “I’ve written for many publications, including Time.”

3. References

You never know who’s going to see your resume, so keep the contact info of others under wraps until asked for it.