Friday, September 21, 2012

Facebook Ireland Audit

I'm writing an article about the Ireland data protection regulator releasing its review of Facebook's implementation of audit recommendations. I am looking for experts to speak about the significance of this review, specifically the impact it will have on Facebook and what other companies can take away from it.

Now that it’s publicly traded, Facebook is becoming more pragmatic and less “principled.” This is par for the course, as it wrestles with regulations both in the U.S. and abroad, each of which is driven by the unique politics and cultural norms of the given country.

Put another way, Facebook’s motto to “move fast and break things” is begetting blowback. The company is learning that there’s now another person at its meetings: the regulator. Whether in the form of the SEC or the DPC, this ever-present chair will increasingly influence Facebook’s decision-making process.

As a consequence, Facebook and its peers would be wise to continue ramping up their government relations—including involvement in the new Internet Association—and fine-tuning their crisis communications preparedness.

Addendum (9/24/2012): Success!

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