Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GoDaddy Outage

I’m looking for small business owners whose websites were impacted by the GoDaddy outage yesterday. I’m particularly interested in small businesses thinking of switching to a new hosting/DNS provider as a result.

I’m sticking with GoDaddy. Outages—whether with a web host or a power company—are inevitable. What matters is what GoDaddy does now.

For example, will it offer customers compensation? Will it grant interviews to the top tech blogs and explain what happened—and what it’s doing to prevent a re-occurrence? Will its CEO film an apology on YouTube?

In my experience, GoDaddy’s people have always been just that—people, i.e., human beings who make judgment calls, rather than automatons reading a script. As such, I have confidence they’ll use this incident as a learning opportunity.

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