Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Use Social Media for Networking and Job Searching

I'm looking for a social media expert who can provide 5-6 tips on using social networks to find a job.

1. Make LinkedIn your best friend. Make sure that you not only have a LinkedIn profile, but that it’s professional and optimized. For example, how many connections and recommendations do you boast? (In general, the more, the better.) Do you list your accomplishments for each job, or just the employer? Is yur head shot appropriate?

2. Google yourself. This is the first thing anyone—not just HR—will do. It behooves you to ensure that your search results are accurate, current, and positive. If they’re not, be ready to explain that embarrassing article from college, and get going with an SEO strategy to monitor and improve your online presence.

3. Use privacy settings. You don’t have to delete your party pics on Facebook, but you do need to make them private.

4. Create alerts. The three big jobs sites—Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder—allow you to specify your job criteria, then receive email alerts notifying you of relevant opportunities.

5. Network. Connect with friends, family, classmates, co-workers—you never know who may have just heard that so-and-so is hiring. Be discreet, don’t bash your current employer, and contact people individually rather than send out a mass message: maybe some prefer an email, while others respond best to a text, while still others might be most receptive to a Facebook message or Twitter DM.

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