Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Email Personalization

What are the biggest personalization mistakes companies make, why do they make them and how can they avoid them?

Other than the obvious one — addressing [FIRSTNAME] but forgetting to change that filler text to a data field (or forgetting to substitute something like "friend" when you don't have their first name) — here are a few:

1. Sending to the wrong segment. For example, you email prospective clients instead of existing clients. Or dog parents instead of cat parents. Or new parents who aren't (ala Amazon's infamous fail).

2. Mixing up a person's gender. For example, is "Alex" a "Ms." or a "Mr."?

3. Revealing private info. The famous example is when Target snail-mailed coupons for baby products to the family house of a teen who was pregnant. Her father, who opened the mail, was not too happy.

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