Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Web Experience Strategies

1. What separates Web companies known for their customer service is not only their prices, but also the availability and promptness of their staff—via both e-mail and phone—in addressing customers' concerns. What's more, these companies typically empower their front-line reps to resolve problems at their discretion, rather than having to run everything by a manager. This saves time for both the customer and the company.

2. A common strategy to obtain feedback is simply to ask for it. For example, while browsing DHS.gov, a pop-up sometimes appears asking you to complete a quick survey. After you make a purchase from Google Checkout, you'll get an e-mail asking you to rate the transaction. Sellers on Amazon can e-mail you a request to leave feedback on their profile.

3. When you add an item to your cart on VistaPrint.com but don't check-out, if you're logged-in to the site, the company will e-mail you a reminder about your pending purchase. This is a great idea--though VistaPrint does it repeatedly, which I find obnoxious.

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