Monday, August 27, 2012

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Ad Agency

• How do you measure ROI? For an online campaign, if an agency talks about “views” and “clicks”—and nothing more—it’s betrayed its inexperience. That’s Advertising 1.0. Advertising 2.0 entails metrics such as how much time people spend on your website and what they do while there—ideally, visiting the “Contact” form or adding something to their shopping cart—as a result of clicking on your ads.

• What experience do you have with “sponsored content”? (See this background info from Gawker Media and Mashable.)

• Describe our target audience in user profiles (for example: “We’re looking for 30-year-old single moms living in the suburbs”). If you’re not microtargeting, you’re not advertising.

• What’s your mark-up fee?

Can you secure any PSAs for this campaign?

• What’s your competitive approach? For example, if your client is Mitt Romney, will you bid on keywords for Barack Obama?

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