Thursday, July 25, 2019

3 PR Subjects That Colleges Need to Do a Better Job Teaching Students

1. Business Writing

Here’s a fact: If you graduate from college without the ability to write well, you should ask for your money back. Good writers are inherently viewed as credible and smart, yet too many graduates today struggle to craft copy that doesn’t sound like a book report.

Ask hiring managers what quality they prize most in job applicants, and many will quickly tell you, “Excellent writing.”

2. Wikipedia

It’s a shame more colleges don’t teach courses on Wikipedia. Writing for Wikipedia offers several benefits. First, it teaches you how to separate fact from opinion. Second, it teaches you HTML, which helps you understand computer science. And, finally, Wikipedia — one of the web’s most valuable (and ad-free) resources — is in desperate need of new editors.

3. PowerPoint

When it comes to the most common tool in corporate communications — Microsoft PowerPoint — few students have had any formal education, any training, any professional development.

If you’re like me, you likely opened up the program one late night in college, cobbled together a deck, and have been learning on the job ever since. You’re self-taught, learning by trial and error.

That’s unfortunate. As anyone in Silicon Valley can confirm, companies are launched every day on the basis of their pitch deck. If you can master PowerPoint — not only how to create stunning slides, but also how to make them flow — you’ll be able to market your skills far and wide.

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