Monday, January 16, 2012

Marketing/Survey Creation Trends

1. In my experience, Survey Monkey is both the most popular and most sophisticated.

2. Does anyone, except pollsters, conduct surveys by telephone anymore?

3. Facebook has put word of mouth marketing on steroids.

4. Incentives—a coupon, a free book, entry into a contest—always are winners.

Time-limiting is important—as long as the deadline is spelled-out upfront.

1. Deadlines create an incentive for people to participate sooner rather than later. This is Sales 101: the sooner you can get your customer to the finish line, the greater your chance of closing the deal.

2. Memory and time are closely related. The less time that passes between an experience and questions about it, the better one's memory of it will be.

3. Data submitted after the survey results have been tabulated aren't helpful.

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