Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twitter's Enhanced Pages

1. This is a big deal. To be sure, many users access Twitter via a third-party app rather than, and so won’t see the changes, but to those who use the native website, the new pages will turn Twitter into a full-fledged branding platform.

2. The new pages will allow brands to better promote their logo and tagline.

3. Not all tweets were created equal. Yet, previously, if you tweeted something important or urgent, you allowed a period to go by without further tweets, so the given one would remain at the top of your feed. The new pages solve this dilemma by allowing you to make a tweet “sticky.” (The Gawker blogs overcame the same problem via a redesign last year.)

4. Charging money for enhanced features is a smart idea. SlideShare does something very similar.

Addendum (2/6/2012): Success!

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